Super Foods To Include In Your Diet For Healthy Hair

In this mechanized age we are all suffering from premature graying of hair, hair loss and are looking for options to enjoy healthy hair.

But not only regular shampooing and conditioning will help you in attaining that healthy hair, proper diet plays in important role in maintaining your hair’s beauty.

Just by including these super foods for healthy hair you can enjoy a thick wavy mane:-

  • If you love red meat then you can keep aside your cholesterol for some time and enjoy the goodness it offers in the form of proteins , B vitamins such as B2 & B3 and rich source of minerals such as iron and zincnutritous food
  • There are number of options that are available for the vegetarians like for example dark green veggies like spinach and broccoli that provides your body with essential vitamins A and C. These vitamins help your body in secreting natural hair conditioner that is sebum.
  • The next useful food that must be included in your diet should be beans, Soya and other lentils that are amazing sources or proteins the main component of which our hair are made of. Also these proteins provide you with much needed zinc, iron and rare biotin, the deficiency of which can result in split ends and hair breakages. So daily 2-3 servings of these super foods for healthy hair should be included in your day to day diet.
  • If you are going nuts about the hair loss then why not include some healthy nuts like walnuts, pecans and yes almonds in your diet to get that shiny and thick hair. Brazil nuts, one of the richest sources of selenium that is needed for a healthy scalp should make a regular appearance in your diet. Replace one of your snacks with a handful of plain nuts and see the difference in not just your hair but also your skin.
  • An egg a day can help you keep your problems at bay. Egg whites are the best sources of proteins and that too with very low calorie. Hence they top the list of the perfect diet ingredients for those health conscious freaks looking for improving the looks of their hair. This is surely one of the best super foods for healthy hair as it is also a rich source of vitamin B-12 and biotin.
  • Including whole grain cereals in your breakfast or even opting for whole grain breads instead of processed white bread will make a tremendous difference in your hair quality. Whole grains rich in zinc and multi vitamins are one of the best natural super foods for healthy hair.
  • And last but not the least sea food especially salmons, oysters and other fishes are rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which provides good nourishment needed for glossy hair.

So include these super foods for healthy hair in your diet and be prepared for the compliments.

nutritous food


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