The Top 10 Most Vibrant Natural Hair Dyes

Most Vibrant Natural Hair Dyes

–Nourish your hair with one of these 10 greener hair dyes made from plant-based ingredients.

1. Herbatint

Hydrogen peroxide is another ingredient you should stay away from, and you won’t find it in Herbatint. This hair dye system is made with extracts from plants and herbs that create deep, right colors gently and naturally.


They’re free of all the nasty ingredients you should avoid, including ammonia, artificial scents, alcohol, parabens, hydrogen peroxide, and never tested on animals.

2. Naturcolor

This is based on emollient herbal formulations with a wide range of beautiful tones to choose from. It is a permanent dye that is free of ammonia and safe for people with chemical sensitivities.


You should avoid ammonia in your hair color because it’s a toxic chemical that has been linked to many environmental and health problems.

3. Advanced Cosmetic Technologies Hair Color Kits

Made with 100% plant-based ingredients, this hair dye is as natural as it comes. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is a chemical found in most conventional hair dyes, has been linked to serious health problems like renal failure, vertigo, and comas as well as allergies and asthma.

hair color kits

But you won’t find any of that in these colors. They’re also free of bleach, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and parabens and of course, they’re never tested on animals.

4. EcoColors

Infused with beneficial ingredients like flax oil, organic flower essences, silk, vitamin E, and natural preservatives, EcoColors is another great option that will leave your hair healthier than before you colored it.


You can even mix the colors to create your own custom look. They’re also a Green America company.

5. Morrocco Method International

If you’ve ever wanted to try henna hair color, here’s an amazing option. It’s made with 100% plant-based ingredients that are vegan and fair trade.

morrocco method international

Henna is a legume shrub that grows in all kinds of conditions in places like India and China and can be infused with colors from seeds, leaves, fruits, flowers, and more. It conditions your hair as it works and comes in numerous colors.

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6. Rainbow Research Corporation Henna Hair Dye

This is another great henna option that will blend naturally with your hair color and fade gradually so that you don’t have to have ugly, obvious growth lines. This brand uses organic ingredients that are free of pesticides, chemicals, and additives. The ingredient list is one of the shortest around!

rainbow research corporation henna hair dye

7. Surya Brasil

Another benefit of using henna hair color is that it can be applied to treated hair that’s already been permed, straightened, and even colored, so it’s perfect for those looking for an alternative colors that often can’t be mixed with these processes.

surya brasil

Surya Brasil products are free of PPD, parabens, lead, heavy metals, and contain natural active ingredients. Their cream henna mixes are easy to apply and are made with things like Ylang Ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, and rose essential oils.

8. Aubrey Organics

Certified cruelty-free by PETA’s Caring Consumer Guide, you won’t find things like PPD and ammonia on Aubrey Organics ingredient list.

aubrey organics

You’ll also find that it’s free of coal tar dyes, which are petroleum-based colors that start with labels like FD&C or D&C and are known carcinogens. In fact, this brand is 100% chemical free.

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9. Hennalucent

Another in the henna hair dye list, Hennalucent is 100% organic with ingredients grown in the Himalayas. They’re a professional product that will penetrate the hair shaft while conditioning the hair completely.


Made with flowers, organic herbs, and the like and free of peroxides, harsh chemicals, and metallic salts.

10. Logona Natural Body Care

Made with exotic ingredients like green clay and birch leaf extra, this hair color is vibrant and brilliant and works in 10-15 minutes.

logona natural body care

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