Natural Hair Treatments for Black Hair

Naturally long, thick, shinning and black hair has been the fascinating dream for many. But managing good and beautiful hair demands lot of hard work and focused care. Many of us prefer applying natural products on our hair for the growth and maintenance of our hair.

Below given are some of the natural hair treatments for black hair that are very effective and simple and most of them can be easily prepared at home.

natural Hair treatments for black hair

Natural Hair Treatments for Black Hair

  • Handle Your Hair with Care:  Black hair strands are very fine in their texture and thus they cannot bear rough handling. Do not comb your hair immediately after the hair wash and comb them gently without pulling them hard.
  • Organic Products: Make sure that your hair product must have lot of organic products and less chemical ingredients. Avoid any product that may have petro oil or mineral oils. Moisture will not penetrate to your shaft if your hair product has petro oil. Natural oil like almond oil, jojoba oil andcoconut oil are much better option. Look for the term ‘organic’ in your products instead of looking for the term natural.
  • For Increasing the Manageability of your Hair: You can make the moisturiser with banana, olive oils, honey and glycerine. To create impressive post-rinse hair styles you can make this moisturiser at home by mixing 1 large over ripe banana, 2tbsp glycerine, 4 tbsp extra virgin oil and 2 tbsp of pure honey. All these are natural ingredients’ and olive oil allows the penetration of all these ingredients to your hair. This moisturiser is ideal for getting a shinier and thicker hair.
  • For Detangling of the Hair:You can try another amazing natural moisturiser at home which can be formed by mixing 1 ripe avocado, ¼ cup extra virgin oil, 2-3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and ½ cup of shea butter. The effectiveness of this mixture is enhanced with the fatty acids present in avocados.
  • Natural Hair Color:In order to keep hair naturally black for a longer period of time one should try oiling hair at least twice a week. Making use of natural coconut oil that has been boiled with a few curry leaves will help retain the natural colour apart from adding shine and gloss to the hair.

Thus with the help of the above given natural hair treatments one can get shiny black hair.


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