No Saloon, No Hair Dresser, Cut Your Hair At Home – Hair Cutting Tips!

If you are a too busy person and cannot effort to visit a hairdresser regularly then you must go through this passage. Just spend few seconds in reading this and you will find a real good information on how to have a hair cutting at your home.

Yes, you read it right! You can cut your hair at home in between your long postponed hair cuts at the salon saving your money and time.

Now-a-days each person’s lifestyle has changed so far that even a short visit to a hairdresser has become problematic, a matter concerned with time and money. Every one is interested in short cut methods to achieve many cutting

One such is this hair cutting. So here you are with some really useful tips on how to cut your hair without going to salon or beauty clinic and without a hair dresser!

These few haircuts in between your visits to hair dresser are really helpful to get that neat look without spending money and time. I am sure you had made paper dolls or cut patterns in paper in your childhood. If so then it is very easy to trim your hair or for that matter any others, hair cutting. A trim is simply cutting off the ends of small lengths of hair.

First of all be very sure you take a sharp scissors. The type of shears you use is not that important as long as they are razor sharp. You might be wondering how to test my scissors is sharp, for this you better take a new one or make sure your old one is sharp enough to cut your hair. For example just take a thread and hold it in the air, cut it without holding at the other end, if you are able to do this much easily then your have the perfect scissors in hand for your hair cutting.

Secondly and most importantly is to prepare the hair first by thoroughly combing or brushing out all the snarls and tangles. This will help you to have a neat cut, all in level. Also pain is avoided through combing or brushing. Thick hair and long hair may need to be wet first. This makes your hair cutting more easy and manageable. Make sure no hairs are hidden behind the ears or nape of the neck.

Last suggestion and step to be followed is that always wet hair before trimming or hair cutting, if it is long and thick. Also be sure that the length you have trimmed should be shorter than how much you want it to be, because later the hair will shrink after trimming, this is most evident in curly hair, they shrink much.

Now that you are little familiar with hair cutting techniques you can try to experiment on the young ones initially. Don’t be afraid to bend the ears for that perfect trimming. After you are done with trimming don’t forget to shave the borders for that perfect look while cutting short hair. So, what are you doing this weekend? Hair Cutting Of Course!


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