Regular Practice Of Hair Straightening Can Damage Your Hair!

Hair straightening is a process where you have to iron your hair using a hair-straightening machine.

This hair straightening machine works using electricity or batteries, which generates power.

Effect of such power on your hair can make your hair dull and decrease the growth.

If you practice hair straightening regularly, it will have much impact on your hair and damage the look.

Process of hair straightening:

Before going for hair straightening, you have to wash your hair using a shampoo and allow it to dry for sometime (not completely). Hair Straightening

Before losing the total dryness in your hair, you have to practice this hair straightening method. In this method, you have to divide your hair into several layers and then you have to iron them using a hair straightener.

The disadvantages with the regular practice of hair straightening are:

  • Extreme heat involved in hair straightening can damage your hair and hair follicles. It can leave you with burning hair, hair follicle damage, hair loss and hair breakage.
  • Ironing the hair can damage your hair and make it dry and fragile. It can also result in burns.
  • Chemical ways of hair straightening include alkali creams, which can be strong for your hair. If these creams reside on your hair for more than five to ten minutes, it can result in serious damage of hair or contact dermatitis.
  • Hair straightening can damage the natural protein bonds of the hair, resulting in splits, breakage and dryness.
  • If you are using hair color and straightener, it can result in damage to your hair. When you combine both the processes, it will be too much for your poor old hair to handle.
  • In some cases, dandruff {Treating dandruff] problem can develop with regular practice of hair straightening.
  • The hair straightening machine which is used to straighten your hair should not be used by others that means you must have your own if you like to practice it regularly otherwise the problems like dandruff, splits, etc can contact from one person to other erson who use the same hair straightener.

Regular practice of hair straightening will make your hair to look dull, as they will become dead. So, avoid regular practice of hair straightening to prevent the hair damage.


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