Short Hair Style Trends 2011

The 2011 hairstyle trends call for a certain change in the short hair style we can consider glamorous. We can say for sure that 2011 brings a playful, effortless tone in the short haircuts making them perfectly natural.

The spring season encourages the very short style. “A la garçonne”, chic and short bob, close cropped style reinvented and vintage curls are all part of what we love this spring.

short-hairstyleRemember the drastic lines we used to see on the cover of Vogue magazine 10 years ago? Well they are all back. Pixie is no longer just pixie. Short becomes drastic, cropped layered, divinely colored, seductive and filled with its very own personality.

The season comes forth with extraordinary short haircuts which not only stand out as extremely feminine but are also extremely versatile allowing you to experiment on a daily basis. Even more, their practical features make them easy to maintain.

For example this year’s “à la garçonne” stands out as being very sweet adding a touch of glamour to the person wearing them.

It is the perfect option for a complete change of look. It is easy to maintain and allows you to experiment with makeup.

The bob hairstyle still lingers. Bob inspired hairstyle comes with irregular fringe, asymmetric cuts or bangs adding a certain delicate touch to whoever wears it.

The bob style feels the touch of an evolution able to add even more glamour to the lady-like appearance.

The new bob comes shorter, trimmed with a dynamic stylish finish. Make sure you go for trimmed layers, edgy cut and longer bangs on one side or both sides of your face. Such a hairstyle can surely show a lot of attitude with the right hair color.

bob hairstyleFor a more daring girl, ready to experiment, the 2011 hairstyle trends bring the glam-rock hairstyle perfect for those with very light, blond hair color.

Punked-up hairstyle allows you even more glamour. The style allows spectacular sculpting emphasized by glossy colors, glamour lines and a femme fatale air.

Cropped or simply messy, delicate or volumized, this hairstyle is ready to challenge your imagination.

Close cropped hairstyles have been around since the 80’s. The reinvention of this hairstyle comes with the improvement of uneven bangs from shoulder length to ear length. Slightly messy, curly or straightened, the close cropped is back to make an impression.


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