The Slick and Cute Ponytail as a Celebrity Beauty Brand

Although it is considered to be one of the simplest hairstyles of them all, there are a lot of famous people who opt for ponytails. Even more, we’re not only talking about average women who gather their hair into a ponytail to go to the grocery store, but about celebrities who opt for this hairstyle to be worn on the red carpet.

 Slick and Cute Ponytail

Hailee Steinfeld

Although it is quite difficult to recognize her on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards having a sleek ponytail, she is the same fashionista who played the role of Mattie Ross in the movie ‘True Grit’. She had a high ponytail that drew the attention to her beautiful facial features.

Katrina Bowden

There have been two things that she managed to impress the participants of the fashion show that presented only red dresses that has been created by Heart Truth in New York. One of them has been the fabulous red dress that she wore and the other thing was her blonde and sleek ponytail. It seems like the ponytail hairstyle is really advantageous for her because it makes her beautiful face more visible.

Eva Longoria Parker

In our days Eva Longoria Parker is known for other things too than just for being a ‘desperate housewife’. She accompanied her husband, Tony Parker to Washington DC to the gala of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. She has been noted for the sleek ponytail that she had, that made the tattoo on her back more visible and readable from the distance.

Lea Michele

She is known as the star of the show Glee and she managed to prove to people that a ponytail can be sexy too. She wore such a hairstyle to the Vanity Fair Oscar 2011, along with a beautiful dark blue gown. Just as the other celebrities, she had a sleek ponytail made of her shiny hair, which made the opening of her dress visible.

There have been some other celebrities who have also opted for different kinds of ponytails, such as Kirsten and Giselle Bell, Blake Lively, Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde.

The best thing about the ponytails is that they are truly versatile and they are suitable for just any kind of style. This is a kind of hairstyle that any women could do for herself in a short time and there are numerous different kinds to choose from. This is the celebrity look that you could also grab for yourself this fall.


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