Some Hair Raising Mistakes

Some of us may be making some basic mistakes which is why we probably do not enjoy the best hair that it is possible for us to have.

Check if you are making these common hair-raising mistakes:

Do you Over-style your Hair?

Understand that curlers, straightening irons, hair dryers all use heat to make your hair behave in the way that you want and the way that nature did not intend for it to dryer

Very high heat, very frequent and repeated exposure to heat is going to damage hair, no matter what reassurance you may receive from product manufacturers. So be kind to your hair, don’t style too often and don’t use high temperatures very close to your hair.

Do you put off haircuts?

If you are doing this for whatever reason, don’t. Regular hair cuts will ensure that you are able to control problems like frizz and split ends.

Haircuts ensure that your hair looks better and grows more evenly. Never mind if you want to grow your hair for a different look, at least get regular trims.

Are you guilty of Product Overuse?

Are you a sucker for advertising and do you fall for every product that promises you that beautiful mane? Do you buy and use products regardless of whether they are useful, good for you or indeed necessary?

Well bear in mind that using too much of a product or too many products is not good for your hair, mainly because it leads to product build up which is difficult to get rid of and which will weigh down your hair.


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