Styling a Versatile Reverse Crown Updo

Long hair is always appealing for women because there are a lot of different ways to style it. One of the hottest styles of the moment is to have a reverse crown updo. This is relatively easy to do if you are good with French braids and you can braid your hair at the nape of your neck.

Reverse Crown Updo

Why to choose this style?

The hairstyle is just perfect for the women with straight or slightly wavy hair. You can wear it during the evening of the day. It is suitable for you if you have a boho-chic or a vintage style. Once you get the hairstyle you won’t be able to resist it and you will wear it over and over again.

How to do it?

When creating the hairstyle you should start over one of the ears. For example you could start abovethe right ear. Separate three strands of hair and bring the strand from the right to the middle, then the strand from the left to the middle.

In order to get the braid right you should pick up a strand from the left and from the right and add it to the strand of hair that you already have. Braid from the right to the left at a downward angle at the nape of the neck. When you don’t have any strands left to pick up, continue to braid the hair normally.

In the end

Once you are done with the braiding you should secure the hair with a thin elastic and start folding the braid until you reach the scalp. Tuck the braid ending under the braid. Use bobby pins to secure the hair and you are done. It only takes minutes to create the hairstyle.


If your hair is layered, you should pull the layered strands out before you start braiding so that they won’t ruin your hairstyle later. You should leave them loose. If you see that there are a lot of flyaways, you should spray the hair with hairspray and then smooth the hair to achieve a flawless appearance.

As you can see the hairstyle is easy and fast to create and it offers you an amazing look. It works for the majority of hair types and it is suitable for both thin and thick hair. You just have to make sure that it doesn’t look too messy because of the flyaways.

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