Summer Vacation Long Hairstyles to Try in August 2013

The summer vacation is one of the best opportunities to play with hairstyles. In case you are lucky enough to be the owner of a gorgeous long mane of hair, you can try a multitude of styles to look amazing regardless the place you are vacationing at this August.

Ponytails with a Touch of Style

Gathering your hair in a ponytail is certainly the most handy hairstyle for vacation. But if you plan to raid the clubs or simply shine on the beach or at the pool consider a texturized ponytail. Use styling foam to obtain small loose curls and blow dry the hair for extra volume. Raise the crown and gather the rest of the hair in a rich ponytail.

In case you have a luscious hair color that screams to be shown off or your hair is deep dyed, smooth your hair to make it slick using hair cream and raise a high ponytail to elongate your face.

Summer Vacation Long Hairstyles

Careless Low do’s

Up do’s are surely at hand during vacation time but why not try careless low do’s. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist and fix with bobby pins. Don’t go for a severe bun but rather let the strands stick out. Loose some strands around your face and tease the crowna bit.

Side Parts

In case you have longer front bangs try a  side part . Let the rest of the hair loose and simply use an accessorized hair pin to fix your parted bangs on one side or the other. You can always tuck the bangs behind your ear for a Rapunzel look.

Wild Side Braids

French braids are perfect for summer vacations. In case you want a posh look, slick the crown but carefully loose the braid. For a more rebellious look tease the entire hairstyle and loose strands both from the crown and from the braid.

In case you want to approach a native touch braid a few strands and let the rest of the hair free.

Waves and Waves

Beachy waves are always the summer favorite but this August you are encouraged to choose an edgier look. Blunt bags and messy curls or side parted blown manes are the right way to go. The stylists advise you to dare and be messier than usual and let your hair express the wild side of your vacation dreams.


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