Take Care to Avoid These Hair Mistakes

British actress Carey Mulligan recently inspired many with her short crop of hair, which caused many to think of her as something of a style icon. It turns out, however that the attractive new hair style was not so much choice as necessity.

Constant coloring and bleaching of the actress’ hair for various different film roles had taken its toll, causing serious damage to her hair.

Take Care to Avoid  Hair Mistakes

Not only was it necessary for her to part with her long shoulder length hair, she now also has to take Kerastase supplements to strengthen her hair and to encourage re-growth.

The actress advises how to take care of hair – before getting hair colored, it is important to havetreatments to improve its health and also trim off any scraggy or split ends.

Here prevention is definitely better than cure and if your hair is in good health then it is better able to sustain the process of lightening, dyeing and so on.

Also supplements such as Kerastase are a good idea if one has dry and brittle hair since this can reduce breakage and improve hair condition. It is also important to use color care masks, shampoos and treatments for the hair on an ongoing basis. Also sun protection is important for hair.

One cause of hair loss is insufficient iron; so use iron supplements if required.


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