5 Great Ways of Taking Care of Your Curls This Fall

Curly hair needs to be kept well moisturized all the time, especially during fall. With drop in temperature, hair tends to become dry, brittle and loses softness.

You should not allow your beautiful coils to suffer. Here are five tips, which will help you to maintain your curls in best possible condition during fall season.

Seasonal styling is definitely cool, provided you take good care of your precious locks.

Ways of Taking Care of  Curls

1. Keep it conditioned

Fall air tries to absorb moisture from your hair and scalp. You need to keep it hydrated with the help of a good moisturizer after shampooing. The length and frequency of your conditioning regimen must be increased as well.

After the application of a deep conditioner, you should cover your hair using a plastic cap and a warm towel, for half an hour at least. This helps to lock the heat in. Other alternative would be using a conditioning cap or a steamer.

2. Focus on the ends

Fragile hair ends are most vulnerable to damage due to blowing fall winds. Ensure that the ends are equally moisturized. After applying your favorite leave-in conditioner, apply oil to the hair ends, in order to seal the moisture in.

3. Time for blowouts

Winter and fall seasons are the best times to go for straightening. However, it is not recommended to use heat styling daily. The humidity of summer and rains in spring can wreck the blowout easily, whereas the dry air of winter and fall helps in maintaining your
style. Your blow-dry session can last for at least a week.

4. Choose moisturizing ingredients smartly

Humectants such as glycerin, panthenol and wheat protein are hygroscopic, meaning they can attract or absorb moisture from air into your strands of hair. They do seem to be a great way of moisturizing during damper seasons, but you should beware of possible harmful effects of humectants on your hair. If you still prefer using your favorite product, apply it prior to a steaming shower. Then seal the moisture in, with the help of a non-humectant hair cream or butter.

5. Cover your curls in style

One best possible way of protecting your hair from turning brittle is by donning a scarf or a hat in this season. Unfortunately, your curls may get crushed due to headwear. One way of keeping your curls from getting compressed, is to twist your hair or Bantu knot them underneath your protective headwear. If you have loose waves, then you can use a bobby pin to pin up your curls and once you reach yourdestination, just shake them loose.  


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