The Quick Fix For A Dirty Hair Day

The dirty hair can look fresh and clean and there are several ways to do it. Therefore, here are few tips that may help you without visiting a professional. The first thing is to put some hair accessories.

This will hide the dirty hair and will put the accent on the accessory. Choose a large shiny accessory, for it will add sophistication to your hair look. Another good way to hide the dirty hair is to put your hair up.

Quick Fix For A Dirty Hair Day

It is extremely proper for girls with long hair. Make a simple braid or a pony-tail. The hairdo is the perfect way to cover the dirty hair. Actually most of the ponytails look better, when the hair is dirty.

The third option you have is the dry washing. It is also a popular way, for it is being used by many stars. Use a dry shampoo and leave for 5 minutes. Afterwards simply comb your hair and you are ready for theimportant event.

The professionals are recommending dry washing only to women with fair or blond hair. If you are a brunette, you will have to use only high quality dry shampoo. Another good way is to use baby talcum, but it is also an option only for blonde girls.


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