The Undercut – Look Of The Season

Thought to be the most sought after hairstyle and look of this summer season is the Undercut – with a number of celebs, particularly a lot of English ones trying on the cool new hair style for size.

undercutThe undercut is admittedly a rather radical hair style and not one for the fainthearted it must be said – it involves having a two or three inch area of hair just about the ear being shaved off with the rest of the hair remaining long. Celebs such as Rihanna currently sport it.

The hairstyle became much the rage when it was first noticed on the catwalks when the Autumn-Winter ’09 and Spring-Summer ’10 collections of different designers were being showcased.

There, a number of models were sporting a simulated undercut look (appearing to be but not really shaved). This came to be rather a hit with a number of celebs and then on to the hoi polloi.

The reason for the current popularity of the Undercut is as hairstylist Jason Cocking says – the fact that it makes one feel really individual and different from all others. This was thought to be a more underground look through the 80s (think David Bowie’s punk avatar) but is now becoming more mainstream and therefore commercially popular.

And the Undercut can be quite versatile – you have one that ranges from the subtle to the extreme – take your pick!


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