The Wet Hair Look and Related Hairstyles

This year at the Grammy’s, Beyoncé had a memorable opening moment, captivating with her moves and her sexy look. She brought back the wet hair look, so appreciated on the catwalk, making it sexier than ever.

The Wet Hair Look

A Word of Advice

This style has great potential, being trendy and easy to make. One can wear it on special occasions, but also on a usual day at the office. The low bun is a fancy style that can be achieved easily, whether it’s braided or side-swept locked. Whenever you want to feel special, the tight twisted hair is the solution. With this hairstyle, the skipped shower won’t be noticed.

Necessary Products

The hair is very fragile and many women use too many products that cause more harm than good. A purifying shampoo is always preferred and the towel-dry is the best way to dry naturally the hair, taking care not to rub it too much. Among the products used, wax, pomade, gel, texturizing cream, mousse and leave-in conditioner are the most popular. Whenever applied, one has to avoid the roots. The look has to be fresh and sleek, not greasy.

Short Hair

Short hair

Strong and independent women have usually short hair. One may say that this masculine-inspired haircut is not feminine enough, but with the right style it is quite inspiring. Even if the hair is slicked back or arranged asymmetrically, it reveals the best features of the modern woman. Next to this glamorous look, the smokey eyes and the bold lips add a touch of sensuality.

Medium Hair

Medium hair

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When the long hair is too difficult to maintain, and the short hair is too abrupt, the only solution seems to be the medium hair. It may be styled in different ways, without having to worry too much about its look. The wet ponytail goes perfectly with medium sized hair, being very easy to style it. It looks great when the ponytail has a texture but the hair remains sleek on top. Center parts create a fancy look in a couple of minutes, being very elegant. The secret is to add some texture to the tips.

Long Hair

Long hair

Women with long hair can try anything, the damp hair looking amazing when it is longer. With the right products, one can emphasize the curls or give more volume to the straight hair. No matter if it is a bun or a French twist, the secret is to keep only a small part sleek, never go all the way. If you are using the right accessories, any long sleek hairstyle becomes classy.

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