Top Hair Trends for Hot Summer Days –July 2013

When it comes to hairstyles and hair colors summer 2013 is all about  exploring your wild and rebellious side. No more good girl haircuts and smooth locks. Trends call for daring combinations and texturized hair.

Lose Curls

If you are fond of well defined curls forget about them. This summer is trendy to have loose curls flowing done your back. The look resembles what we used to know as beachy waves but with more structure. This hairstyle can be achieved with hydrating styling cream and light hold hairspray.

Lose Curls

Dual Texture Hairstyle

If you are fond of letting your hair down  but you would  like to have a cooler look consider dual texture hair. The top of your hairstyle should be slick while the bottom should have a fluffy – messy look. This is the perfect style choice for the bad hair days. For this hairstyle you need gel and texturizing hair spray.

Ponytail with Style

You can depend on the most casual hairstyle of all to help you look cool during hot summer days. However , you should not go for simply gathering  your hair in a ponytail. Use volumizing spray and add some volume to your crown. Smooth the surface for a glossy look and make the ponytail high to emphasize your cheekbones . Make sure the hair elastic is tucked under a strand of hair carefully pinned in place.


This summer, the bangs are very easy to pull off regardless of hair length. The trend calls for deep, side swept bangs so simply sweep your hair to one side or the other and let the hair fall on your forehead for a more mysterious look.

Messy Bob

The bob haircut is still in style. You should keep in mind that regardless you have a blunt bob, a curly bob or a side swept bob the tips for this summer hairstyles tell you to make it messy. You can let the bangs look smooth and texturize the rest of the hair, or you can curl it all and mess up the curls so none of them stay in place. Whatever you do keep in mind that slick bobs are no longer trendy.


Braids are still stylish this summer but you should remember to  texturize them too. Go for  loose strands and boho chic look . You can also have thin braids showing from a messy bun or a high ponytail.


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