Top 3 Holiday Hairstyles for You

As the holidays approach, more and more women start looking for hairstyles that are suitable for this period. The people that you could get inspired by are the celebrities. You can find numerous different kinds of hairstyles, such as French twist, fishtail braid and messy buns.

1. Chignon


In case you are one of those women who are always busy and always in a hurry, then this is the hairstyle for you. It is a versatile, simple, elegant and chic hairstyle. The good thing about the French twist is that you can wear it to the office, but also to more elegant and formal events. It works for medium to long hair.

All you have to do is to brush your hair, and then gather it in a low ponytail without securing it. Hold the ends of the hair and start twisting it, securing it in place with hairpins. Once you are done, apply some hairspray. If you are looking forthe glam rock look, then you should backcomb the top of the hair.

2. Top knot

Although people think that this is a playful and girly hairstyle, you can be sure that it works for just any kind of occasion. They are just as sexy, as the hairstyles that you have seen on the red carpet. They can be really polished and elegant, but you can also go for the messy look.

This is the best hairstyle in case you would like to make your facial features more visible or you would like to show your jewelry off. All you need to do is to gather your hair in the back to a high ponytail, and twist the hair around the base.   You can secure the hair in place with a hairband or some hair pins. Don’t forget about the hairspray in the end.

3. Braids

The braids seem to be the hottest hairstyle of the moment.  They are playful and sexy, not to mention that they are elegant and practical. These come in numerous different variations. Although a lot of people think that this is the typical schoolgirl hairstyle, they are very versatile and more than suitable to be worn for a night out. You could try the loose hairstyle, chignon and boho style. As an example for their versatility, you could have a fishtail braid or side braid and still look flirty, feminine, girly and romantic in the same time.


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