What to Do About a Bad Haircut

When Anne Hathaway recently chopped off her trademark tresses for a short pixie bob to look the part for her role in her upcoming adaptation of Les Miserables, she didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. But after she’d had that hair cut, she found herself in floods of tears and was inconsolable.

Bad Haircut

Have you had a similar experience? You wanted a wholechange of your look or someone suggested that a particular hair style would really suit you – you took the plunge only to regret it. So what can be done now that you have this new hair style and you really don’t like it?

Speak to the stylist

Do this as soon as possible. Try not to be combative or accusatory with your stylist but try to find out what best way to salvage the situation. If it is a medium length hair cut, you may be able to cut it further to get a style that suits you better.

Change your look some more

So this hair cut doesn’t look great with your straight hair – may be it will look better with wavy or curly hair? Conversely if that pixie hair style is just not rocking with your curly hair, consider straightening your hair.

Live with it

It may just be the newness of it that you don’t like. Live with it for a few days; try combing it in different ways and see if you don’t get to like it after all. Perhaps like Anne Hathaway you may just start to love your new hair style!

Be creative

Think up dos, think chignons, think ponytails. Think of creative ways to salvage your look and disguise the disaster hair cut.


If you’re hearing a lot of wise cracks about the hair, ignore them and just smile. When they realize they are not getting a rise out of you, they’ll shut up.

Hide it

If all fails make use of scarves, hats and other headgear to simply conceal your hair until it grows out of the hair style and into something that you can bear to be seen with. If the situation is really extreme consider a wig.

What you should never do

Under no circumstances should you try to take a pair of scissors to your own hair. This will only compound the problem and could make things so bad that the situation is then impossible to salvage.


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