White Hairs? They Could Be Good For Your Career

According to George Clooney, heartthrob of millions the world over, he is no longer as young as he used to be, and he doesn’t mind his gray hair. In fact he says, gray hair has been good for his career.

White Hairs

So he doesn’t get to do the young romantic roles any more, but then there is so much more for him to do – he gets to play a lot of diverse roles, which prevent him being typecast into one or another kind of role.

His white hair is a blessing in disguise, which is why he refuses to color it. In his own words, he welcomes the aging and though he is not offered roles playing the “romantic hero that often anymore, but at my age I get to do more and more character roles.”

So guys sit up and take notice – going gray can be good for you. It can make you look wise, distinguished and debonair. And in the professional sphere as well it could be that the white or graying hair gives the impression of being more able and experienced even.

So consider keeping those distinguished grays for a while yet – who knows how handy they could well be?


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