Are You Affected By Alopecia (Baldness)? Discover The Causes!

Everyone lose some hair daily. It is common and normal, as this hair loss is replaced.

If you are losing hair excessively which is not replaced, it can lead to alopecia or baldness.

Alopecia or baldness has many causes.

Male pattern baldness! It is the commonest form that affects men.

There are two factors which male pattern baldness is dependent: presence of male sex hormones and genetic tendency to develop baldness.

The pattern of baldness and the rate at which it will progress are all inherited. If the baldness starts at young age, it will be more severe. Androgen is present in small amount in women and androgen dependent baldness can also occur in women.Alopecia

The pattern of hair loss is different in women and hair is lost from the whole scalp and they do not develop complete baldness.

Systemic diseases! Systemic diseases also cause alopecia. Diseases such as viral fevers, malaria, operations and typhoid can cause alopecia.

Sometimes, mental stress can also cause hair loss. Your hair begins to fall three to four months after the illness and continues to fall for three to four weeks.

Almost, the lost hair re-grows in three months. In some people, deficiency in nutrition and crash diets can lead to alopecia.

In women, the main cause of hair loss is anemia. Hormonal disorders such as thyroid problem and ovary diseases can also lead to alopecia. Even birth control pills can cause hair loss.

Alopecia areata! It is a kind of baldness where patches appear first on scalp and spread to eyebrows and eyelashes. The patches develop suddenly.

Mostly, the problem is solved by re-growth within few months. These patches can be seen mostly in men and associated with diabetes and leucoderma.

Scalp diseases! Some scalp diseases can also cause alopecia. In children, fungal infections lead to alopecia. Sometimes, bacterial infections of the scalp can also cause hair loss.

Is there a remedy for baldness? This is an embarrassing problem and there is no permanent cure for alopecia. There are no magic cures available and the products available in the market are absolutely useless.

If your hair is lost with prolonged illness, it will re-grow without the help of any medicines.

What you can do? If you are suffering from alopecia, find out the causative agent to deal with. Consult a skin specialist to find out the cause and if your doctor finds out the cause, he can treat your problem.

Male pattern baldness is difficult to treat. Minoxidil is now available to cure alopecia. But, you have to use under medical supervision.

Another solution for baldness is hair transplantation surgery, which is expensive. Hair should be transplanted from hair producing area to bald area, which continues to function and grow normally for life long. If you take this treatment under skilled practitioner, it works well.


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