Are You With Excessive Hair Loss Problem? Baldness Cure To Control Your Hair Loss!

Baldness refers to a hair condition where excessive hair loss from the scalp occurs and it can be managed with baldness cure.

The baldness can be cured with several treatment options along with home remedies.

Amla oil (Indian Gooseberry) is considered to be very powerful as a baldness cure.

It is the oil prepared from boiling the dry amla in coconut oil. Mix equal quantities of amla oil and limejuice and use it as a regular shampoo to prevent baldness and to arouse hair growth.Baldness Cure

The best method to control hair loss and prevent baldness is to rub the scalp energetically and forcefully (using fingers) until it starts tingling with the heat.

This makes the sebaceous glands more active and also improves the blood circulation in the affected area. Thus, the hair growth becomes well.

Always practice this method immediately after washing the hair with cold water to protect the hair from falling.

You can also try this baldness cure. Take a cup full of mustard oil and boil it with four tablespoons of henna leaves or powder. Filter the oil when it cools. Now, massage the scalp, particularly on the bald patches.

The baldness cure for patchy hairlessness is possible with the lime and black pepper seeds, the most valuable remedy seeds. Ground equal quantities of these seeds into a fine paste, and then apply this paste on the bald patches.

Repeat this procedure twice a day for some weeks to help improve circulation of the blood to the affected area and to promote hair growth.

Even, onion is a useful home remedy in baldness cure for patchy hairlessness. Massage the affected area with onions repeatedly twice a day till the area becomes red. Again, rub the affected area with honey after onion massage.

Lettuce is very effective in controlling hair loss and preventing baldness. Take lettuce juice and spinach juice in equal quantities and mix them. See that the quantity of this mixture is half liter.

Apply this mixture to the scalp and the hair to help improve the growth of your hair. Repeat this procedure of baldness cure regularly for better results.

Coconut milk is also a good home remedy for baldness cure. Apply coconut milk on the scalp thoroughly and massage the scalp energetically in the way that the milk infuses into the hair roots. Doing this frequently helps nourish the hair and supports hair growth.

Prepare coconut milk at home by crushing and squeezing the coconut pieces. Instant coconut milk is also available at stores.

Even amaranth is a good remedy for baldness cure. The fresh leaf juice of amaranth when applied regularly to the hair provides strength to the hair and makes the hair silky and shiny. It also assists in the hair growth.

A well balanced diet is also a part of baldness cure. As the condition of the hair depends mostly on the food you intake, follow a balanced healthy diet with all essential nutrients that makes hair strong and healthy. Also wash and massage the scalp and hair thoroughly, as part of your hair care.


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