The Top Early Signs of Male Pattern Balding

Male pattern balding or balding is a very common condition which is experienced by over 2/3rd of men all over the world. This condition, which is also known as Androgenic Alopecia is characterized by losing hair in a certain pattern over the center or back of the head and this area gradually keeps increasing.  There are many causes of balding and the most common is increasing age.

Due to increasing age, the hormone DHT keeps increasing and may cause hair to fall. But this condition can also start as young as 20 or 30.  It is very important to spot it early so that remedial methods can be applied to prevent it and cure it as soon as possible. The following are the early signs of male pattern balding which one can spot to detect the condition:

early signs of male pattern balding

Hair Thinning

The first and most common early signs of male pattern balding or balding is hair thinning.  Hair thinning is basically a condition when the hair density starts falling and each hair strand seems to become lighter. This happens before actual hair loss as hair follicles shirk first before disorientation of hair from the roots.

Excessive Hair Falling

The next sign or symptom which may ultimately mean balding is excessive falling of the hair. If you have been experiencing unusually high amounts of hair loss, then this could possibly lead to balding. Most of the hair may fall off from the crown area of the head if the hair loss points out to balding.

Bald Spot Formation

If there starts to appear a bald spot on the front crown then this could be a sign of male pattern balding that you must not ignore.  This is also called as receding hairline as your hairline starts moving back,thus leading to bald spot on the head.  To know whether your hair line is receding, you can compare your old photos with the photos of today or check your forehead by standing in front of the mirror. If the forehead appears to look larger, then this too can be a clear early sign.

Clumps of Hair in Hairbrush

If you have been noticing clumps of hair in your hair brush, then this could also mean that you are facing some real balding threat.  While excessive hair loss too is a possible sign, as mentioned above, having clumps of hair in hair brush is a sure shot signal which definitely means that you are suffering from Androgenic Alopecia.

When Should you Start Worrying?

Most people do not take general hair loss or hair fall too seriously as this could be due to many reasons such as seasonal changes etc. But one must really start worrying when the hair fall or hair loss becomes excessive or when you observe broken or incomplete hair on the scalp.  You must contact your dermatologist if you notice a horse shoe shape pattern hair loss from the scalp area and ask for possible prevention and treatment methods.


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