Fighting Back Against Natural Hair Loss

hair care tipsMost men are resigned to losing their hair in later life and very quickly get used to being bald but for women it can create deep psychological problems mainly because it is usually something that she has no control over.

Thankfully it is easier than ever before to wear a natural looking wig, resort to hair extensions for thinning hair or more simply the clever use of a scarf or hat.

Surgical procedures are also now an option as are various drugs that can be prescribed.

Human hair is made up of the hair shaft and the follicle which is just below the scalp and is where the hair grows from. Whilst the follicle is actually a living organism, the strand of hair is basically a group of cells that are dead.

A certain amount of hair loss occurs quite naturally and is what can be found on your hairbrush after you’ve used it. [Hair loss treatment]

Science suggests that the female hair is prone to react to certain medical conditions, which makes it vital for any sudden hair loss to be reported to a member of the medical profession. By treating, the diagnosed disease, the hair will re-grow and be back to normal depending on the condition.

Pregnancy can affect the hair as can the menopause, the changing hormones in both instances is the cause. Estrogen is the main culprit, insufficient amounts lead to the enzymes that block testosterone production being halted. The result is the chemical Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) being increased around the scalp region.

Genetics plays a part in the most common reason for female baldness which is Androgenetic Alopecia. The hair is destroyed, similarly, by the build up of DHT which attacks both the follicle and shafts of the hair.

Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition and it is the genes passed down that decide the pattern at which your hair will become thinner and ultimately when a person will become bald. Just as it decides the color and strength of the hair.

The hair on women’s head peaks at the age of twenty, when it is at it’s thickest after that it then begins to thin out gradually over time. As women age the hair pigment is weakened and individual hairs shrink. Over one hundred hairs are lost every day, a very normal phenomenon.

There are many other possible reasons for a woman to lose her hair and these include stress and rapid weight loss. It can be the effect of strong medications both prescribed or those taken by a drug addict. After surgery or while taking birth control pills can all trigger hair loss and needs to be explained.


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