Fighting Baldness The Natural Way

fighting baldnessHair loss is never a fun thing to have. Rest assured your problem is shared by many.

Sometimes treatment for baldness can have side effects.

Prescription drugs and treatments for baldness can have an adverse effect when taken with other prescription drugs.

If you are tired of hair care products that offer very few results or end up burning your scalp then you may want to try a natural hair treatment. There are many natural treatments that you can choose from.

Things to Avoid

There are some things that can actually cause hair loss. It may not be easy for you to give up some of your favorite things but it will help with your hair growth. Some of these things you need to give up are tea, alcohol, coffee, and smoking.

Baldness is a build-up of waste in your hair follicles. Stress can be another factor when it comes to baldness. You need to think of ways to take a lot of the stress out of your life.

Massage Promotes Hair Growth

If you will rub your scalp after you wash your hair it will increase the circulation and blood flow. This will promote hair growth by stimulating your sebaceous glands. Make sure that you are using a natural shampoo when you wash your hair, because other shampoos can have chemicals in them.

These chemicals can cause hair loss. You want to use shampoos that are herbal based. Another natural treatment for hair growth is oil massage [Hot oil treatment]. This type of massage may help to prevent hair loss.

Natural Products

Using the herb silica is a natural way to prevent hair loss before it ever happens, or before you lose anymore hair. Nettle is a form of silica and can be purchased at any health food store.

The seasoning Cayenne is used in spicy foods, and will help with the circulation of your scalp.All spicy foods can help, but those with cayenne in them work the best. It helps to clean out the waste in your follicles.

Making a tea compress out of ginger and rosemary oil also promotes hair growth. Use a washcloth dipped in the warm ginger and rosemary tea on your scalp at least two times a day.

Exercise and Healthy Eating

You wouldn’t think exercise and healthy eating would have anything to do with the re-growth of hair, but it does. Keeping your body in tip top shape helps to promote good circulation, and blood flow to your scalp.

Also, eating healthy foods, such as chickpeas, will put zinc and vitamin B-6 in your body, and these will promote healthy hair. Another good thing to eat would be soy beans.

Soy beans are a great source for iron and vitamin E which help to get oxygen to the body’s tissues. Without enough oxygen your hair will not grow.

There are so many different ways to fight baldness the natural way. You may have to try a few products out to see which ones work best for you.


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