Best Haircuts for Balding Men

A receding hairline, way too early is a problem faced by many people and often they are worried about an appropriate hairstyle for a balding head. Despite the age old awkwardness of baldness, a stylish haircut can make a balding head look chic and smart, sometimes complemented by a neat mustache and beard. There are various hairstyles for balding men, which are both traditional and modern that turn a receding hairline into a chic hairstyle.

Listed below are some cool and stylish haircuts for balding men:

Military Style Crew Cut

When the hairline is receding fast, a military style crew cut is the best, as it will not highlight the balding spots and merge the thinning hair well with the rest. This hairstyle gives a delusion of more hair than what you actually have.

Textured Crop

textured cropThis is an ideal style for men who have thick hair in the sides and back and a thinning hairline in the front. In textured crop haircut, the hair is cut in uneven layers so that the thinned hair blends well with the remaining hair.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is perfect when your bald patches are growing rapidly. Though it looks like almost shaved, a thin layer of hair is left on the head, which is really helpful in covering the shiny bald spots by maintaining a uniform length.

Shaved Head

Depending on the size and shape of your head and face, you can embrace the bold style of a shaved head. Though it offers a confident look to the guy and makes him look young, it doesn’t suit everyone.

Regal Short Cut

The short style is for those who are at the early stages of balding. A really short haircut with a side parting looks super smart and neat, which draws less attention to the balding patches.

Short Thatch

When you have little hair remaining only in the back of your head, a crew cut of the back hair is the most convenient style. This hassle free and neat look is very low maintenance as well.

Short Hair with French Beard

When you have a fast receding hairline, a short haircut with a French beard gives a stylish look.

Border Trim

This is a perfect hair style for those who have only, little border like hair remaining in the back of the head. A neat trim of the border hair is the easiest and neatest for men with wide bald spots.

Curve on the Bald Patch

A short trim that forms a neat curve, bordering the bald patch looks very tidy and precise. The short trim makes the lingering hair look stylish and cool.

Long Back Hair

In this style, you can compensate for the loss of hair up front by keeping the back hair slightly longer. This longer back hair look is very popular with balding men, which makes them look stylish.

Very Short Crew Cut

very short crew cutA super short crew cut is by far the best style for balding men with mounting bald patches. It is incredibly tidy as it does not emphasize the baldness and looks really smart.

Now you don’t have to worry incessantly about your bald patches; instead you can still look good by choosing one of these hairstyles that suits your face and overall personality.


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