The Best Surgical Treatments for Balding

Hair loss and excessive hair fall is a problem which affects a large population around the world. Though it is mainly caused due to genetic reasons but there are many other causes of this condition as well. Those suffering from balding may face a lot of embarrassment in the society and may lose their youthful charm very early.

Besides genetic reasons, some other causes of balding include stress, diet, pollution, environmental causes and illnesses. But thankfully there are many surgical ways to treat balding, thanks to the advancements in technology and hair treatment methods. The following are the best surgical treatments for balding that you can consider:

surgical treatments for baldingHair Replacement Surgery

One of the most preferred and popular options for treatment of balding as far as surgical methodology is concerned are hair replacement surgery. A hair replacement surgery is a method in which the hair bearing part of the scalp is transplanted on the balding patches and hence hair regrowth is guaranteed.

This is an extensive hair surgical method which takes time to perform and heal but is often considered very effective. Some candidates who are suitable for this treatment are men with male pattern balding, some women with female-pattern hair loss and a person with some hair loss but not total hair loss.

Hair Grafting

Another treatment for balding is hair grafting which is performed at a hair clinic, dermatologist’s office or clinic. Micro grafts consist of one or two hairs per graft whereas some other types of grafts like punch grafts consist of more number of hair.

During this treatment, the dermatologist injects local anesthesia into the scalp and then the grafts are transplanted. This process may take several sessions until fullness in terms of hair is achieved. Some side effects like bruising, swelling and others may take place but they go away after a few days

Scalp Reduction

Another surgical treatment for those suffering from balding is scalp reduction. This process is basically the removal of non-hair bearing skin from the surface of the scalp so that the remaining hair bearing skin can be stretched to fill in the bald patch area and promote hair growth on those parts as well.  This process can be an effective way to reduce as much as half the area of the bald patch.

One must remember that while scalp reduction helps to cure baldness of top and back of the head, it doesn’t work for the frontal hairline hair loss or balding.  This procedure is also done by injected local anaesthesia and is sometimes performed with hair grafting.  A little pain is felt even after the treatment but that goes away after a few days.  Headaches may also occur but they too disappear with pain relievers.

Hair loss or balding can take away your confidence but thanks to these techniques, the problem can be cured and reversed.  Depending upon your condition and requirements you can decide upon the type of treatment you wish to get.


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