Top 3 Treatment Options for Frontal Baldness

Hair thinning is a worldwide problem that can occur to both the genders and fortunately also has some curative measures. The forehead hair lining varies in each individual; and your genetics is primarily the cause which is why you see narrow and wide foreheads in different people. More commonly seen in males, frontal baldness often occurs due to incorrect hairstyling and a host of other causes. However, this article will focus more on the treatment options that you can follow to overcome androgenetic alopecia (scientific name for frontal baldness).

1. Propecia 


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Quite often dermatologists are seen to prescribe this medicine for frontal baldness. Usually found in capsule form, it aids in countering the weakened hair follicle that might be the cause of malfunctioning androgenic hormone or testosterone. In layman’s language, you can call it as over production of DHT is one of the major causes of frontal baldness that can be cured by consuming Propecia capsules on regular basis. Records have proved that around 66% case studies have experienced significant hair growth.

2. Rogaine 


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Scientifically termed as minoxodil, Rogaine is contemporarily one of the most effective frontal baldness treatment options for both men and women. This drug fixes the visible hair that is lost in the frontal hair line, expanding your forehead. This drug is less expensive than Propecia, therefore used widely and with positive results.

The effect will be shown after usage of few months, thus patience if need while you opt for this treatment. There is a separate men and women Rogaine; thus check before you buy it. US Food and Drug Administration approved this drug for treating frontal baldness. Wash and towel dry your hair properly, then fill the dropper (you get it in the pack) with the Rogaine solution till 1 milliliter mark and apply directly in the affected area.

Massage it well inside. Make sure Rogaine has dried completely on the scalp before you use any other hair styling product; however better is to avoid them altogether during the treatment. Use this twice a day for around 4-6 months to see best results.

3. Hair Extensions 

Hair Extensions

This is probably the cheapest option to hide frontal baldness and opted by many nowadays. The parlours or cosmetic shops sell hair extensions made from human or synthetic hair that can be very well weaved into your bald area and made to look just normal. You can take up this method for both temporary and permanent balding trouble.

These clip-in extensions are attached with small combs which can get easily fixed to existing hair and can also be removed during night time. If you wish to opt for permanent extensions like braiding, weaving, or bonding with gum then get the help of a professional hair stylist. The longevity of these permanent extensions are however 4-6 months and are comparatively expensive.

Apart from the above mentioned remedies, you can also consider surgery that cures the frontal baldness permanently. The hair transplantation procedure should be done by a reputed doctor as the grafting if not done properly can invite a host of skin problems and associated side effects. Scalp reduction surgery is a new method that stretches the adjacent normal scalp over the balding area to give a normalised hairline look.


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