Best Head Lice Treatment For Children

Children with head lice is common anywhere in the world. Parents are often confronted on getting the most effective head lice treatment.

In fact, the reason for its cause is given less attention compared to its treatment. This is a worrisome condition since it causes itchiness in the scalp brought by head lice bites. If this becomes infected, children suffer from swollen lymph glands in the neck.


Pre-school children are the most commonly infected by head lice. Of this age group, mostly girls acquire head lice because of their hair’s length and thickness. African-Americans rarely get infested by these parasites though.

Head lice treatment comes in different forms. Here are some of them:

1. Shampoo

There are natural means of treating it or by using chemical-based hair care products. Primarily, head lice treatment by the use of specially formulated shampoo is the most convenient way. However, if the scalp is lightly infested, constantly combing the hair removing the nits manually prove to be an effective head lice treatment.

In some cases wherein the nits continue to appear, do not despair as they are not totally eradicated overnight.

On the contrary, it must be emphasized that head lice multiply fast. Nits hatch in seven days and they lay eggs up to a hundred per day. Thus, before getting into any chemical-based head lice treatment, patiently get rid of the nits first.

2. Wash your child’s stuff in warm water

Having your child’s clothing, beddings and towels washed in warm water constitues part of head lice treatment. In fact, even before the treatment is initiated, these procedure must be observed including vacuuming the carpets wherein nits might have stayed.

3. Natural oils

Other head lice treatment such as the use of olive oil and tea tree oil must not be used outright. It is better to consult your child’s pediatrician before resulting to any of these natural remedies.

Having head lice must not be a cause of panic for parents. This might even worry the child because of the embarassment that it will bring them.

Although head lice treatment shampoos are readily available, prevention is the key to getting rid of these parasites. Here’s how to prevent them:

  • Avoid contacts with other children already inffested with head lice especially during playtime, sports, slumber parties and the like.
  • Applying head lice treatment is not always a guarantee that lice have been treated. Thus, children who are under treatment must also excuse themselves from such activities.
  • Head lice treatment shampoos come with a specialized combs. These combs must not be used by other people to avoid infestation.
  • Lying on beds and sofas vacated by somebody infected must also be avoided as a part of head lice reatment.
  • Avoid staying out in the sun or let your child wear a cap or bandana when outdoors

Head lice treatment promises results but it takes time to completely get rid of the lice. If you don’t want your child to be infected, be sure to apply the necessary preventive measures.


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