Dandruff and Hair Loss Treatment – Explore Your Options

The people looking for dandruff and hair loss treatment should know that if they use only the treatments for hair loss they might not get rid of dandruff as well.

So for the best results they should treat dandruff and hair loss in the same time. In order to avoid the negative effects of chemicals, they should use natural or homemade remedies.

Rinse it

Dandruff and Hair Loss

One of the causes of dandruff might be that people don’t rinse their hair thoroughly enough. Make sure that you rinse your hair after shampooing. Another solution is to use a clarifying shampoo after you washed your hair. It is also a good idea to add some peppermint oil to the shampoo that is known to have anti-dandruff effects.


When looking for treatments to use against hair loss and dandruff remember that a massage from time to time can work wonders. Use some warm coconut oil and massage your scalp every other day. The oil shouldn’t be left on your hair for more than 2 hours. To make the treatment more effective, add some lemon juice to the oil as well.

Essential oils

Sometimes the problem is caused by scratching and in this case the dandruff and hair loss treatmentincludes using essential oils. These include rosemary, lavender, and cedar wood. They are very efficient in treating bald spots. Add 5-6 drops of essential oils to two teaspoons of olive oil and massage it into the scalp.

Apple cider vinegar

The treatments for dandruff and hair loss also include rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar after shampooing. This will help you get rid of dandruff and your hair will become shinier too.


The people looking for dandruff and hair loss treatment should really think about using fenugreek. This is because it prevents dandruff, baldness and hair loss. Soak the seeds in water for a night and grind them in the morning to make a soft paste. Apply the paste on the scalp and let it work.

Tulsi leaves

For a treatment for losing hair and dandruff you should mix amla powder, tulsi leaves and water. Apply the paste on your scalp and massage it. Let it set for 30 minutes and then rinse it off.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a dandruff and hair loss treatment there are a lot of options to choose from.


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