Dandruff And Stress: The Correlation

So what do those pesky, itchy, irritating and seemingly impossible- to- get- rid- of bits of dead skin among our hair, have to do with stress I hear you say! Surely stress causes us to lose hair, not have dandruff, if grandma is to be believed?

Those flaky bits of white that show through in your crowning glory, your hair, could be embarrassing too: say for instance making your self conscious about wearing that smart black turtle neck that you have shoved right to the back of your wardrobe.

Well now research has shown that there is a correlation between dandruff and stress.

Anyone who has dandruff may be able to tell you how very persistent it can be, however now according to the Mayo clinic, dandruff  cure is connected to managing stress.stress

It works like this: keeping stress levels under control can help you fight off several health problems and promote over all good health.

As increase in stress makes you vulnerable to a host of problems, so does it increase your chances of getting dandruff! This perhaps is also why you notice more of those pesky, itchy flakes among those tresses when you have stress issues, since increased stress is known to exacerbate symptoms of dandruff.

So remember, dandruff is just one more reason to keep stress under control!


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