Depressed With Excessive Hair Loss? Solve It Through Hair Loss Solutions!

If you chose to have healthy lifestyle, you will have healthier body and mind.

If you have healthy mind with no stress on mind, you will definitely have healthy hair, as healthy hair is one of the beautiful ornaments to the body.

Losing hair daily is common to everyone. On an average, a person loses fifty to hundred hair strands per day.

In case, if you are suffering from rapid hair loss with no growth of new hair, you will need to find hair loss solution.Hair Loss Solution

Diet and hair loss has some correlation and diet is the best hair loss solution. Make sure that the food you are taking has vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin C) and minerals (trace mineral silica, iodine, zinc, and iron) in them.

Vitamin A, (rich in mangoes, carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, etc.) with silica and zinc helps in production of sebum (an essential lubricant for hair follicle). You will see your scalp to be thickening when the production of sebum stops.

Vitamin B (rich in potatoes, bananas, oatmeal, boiled cereals, etc) helps to maintain hemoglobin, which in-turn helps to supply enough oxygen to the scalp. Vitamin E provides good blood circulation to the scalp.

You can get vitamin E from cereals, turnip greens, soybean oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil. Vitamin C (rich in oranges, kiwi fruits, guava, etc.) helps in production of collagen, which makes the hair strand strong.

Natural products, such as herbs, are also the best hair loss solution, which is not effective at the initial stages, but slowly works well in achieving re-growth of the hair. If you chose commercial products, make sure that the product should contain natural ingredients.

The most important hair loss solution is avoiding stress to the mind. Stress will put negative effect on your hair and will cause hair loss. You can get rid of stress with sufficient sleep, massaging the scalp, and deep breathing.

Avoiding frequent brushing or combing wet hair is one of the best hair loss solutions. Over brushing or over combing also causes damage to your hair.

Also you can have hair loss solutions with home remedies. They include:

  • Massage the scalp with egg yolk. Wait for one hour and then wash off.
  • Spread red henna on the scalp and leave it for one hour. Rinse your head. Repeat doing this for ten to fourteen days for best results.
  • Olive oil is the product that works as best hair loss solution. Rub this oil to reduce hair loss.
  • Rub the mixture of olive oil (one teaspoon), one egg yolk, one lemon juice, and rosemary into the scalp. Leave it for half-hour and wash off.
  • Take one cup of water with mustard seeds (one tablespoon) and boil it for five minutes. Cool this liquid and drink.

In order to find best hair loss solution, first you will need to know the cause of hair loss. Go to physician if you feel your hair loss is severe.


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