Female Hair Loss – How Is it Different from Male Hair Loss

It is obvious that female hair loss is different from hair loss in men – for one we don’t see too many women walking around with bald pates while we see very significant proportions of men, particularly middle aged or older men seem to have a follicularly challenged (hairless) head.

So how is female hair loss different from that of men and are there similarities as well?

  • Female-Hair-LossHair loss is considered to be a part of the aging process and both men and women experience it; though in different ways and it is seen that some animals also experience similar hair loss with age.
  • Hair loss in women is not as easily identifiable or visible as in the case of men and the loss may not be evident until it is quite advanced and a significant amount of hair is already lost.
  • Women tend to lose hair equally all over their scalp where as men generally lose hair in a pattern with a receding hair line. Typically the top of the head loses more hair than the sides among men.
  • Causes for hair loss among women could be temporary, such as pregnancy and childbirth. Women may also experience hair loss due to stress, or bereavement. Health conditions such as anemia could also be responsible for hair loss. Hormonal imbalances such as thyroid problems or the kind of hormonal changes that come with age such as menopause are common hair loss causes among women.
  • Women are also more likely to have disorders such s trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling) that result in hair loss.
  • However both men and women are likely to suffer hair loss as a result of cancer therapies such as chemo, radiation and so on.
  • Another significant way in which hair loss among women is different than men, is the fact that it may be more traumatic for women to lose hair than men – issues of body image, self esteem and confidence may arise from female hair loss more than male hair loss. Hair loss among women is more likely to cause negative impact on quality of life than in the case of male hair loss.
  • Since the type of hair loss and the reasons for the hair loss treatments may also differ. Many times women’s hair loss is temporary and may resolve itself if the underlying cause is resolved. The chief antidote to hair loss for women is Minoxidil; in fact this is the only approved hair loss solution for women.


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