Fight Hair Loss With A Fury

haircareDo you love your hair? Are you afraid of hair loss? Think a bald spot on your head will decrease your attractiveness?

Many people embrace baldness and some individuals even strive for the bald look by shaving.

But we all have the right to control our own appearances and any healthy method of hair loss prevention can be embraced by those who hate their hair loss.

If you are dead set on not suffering hair loss, pull out all of the stops and fight hair loss with a fury.

Medical treatments

Medical treatments for baldness include finasteride, dutasteride, ketoconazole and black cohosh.

  • Finasteride is a DHT inhibitor. DHT is found in testosterone and impacts hair growth.
  • Dutasteride is a drug normally used to fight shrink enlarged prostates. This drug has also been shown to help with hair loss.
  • Ketoconazole is not only an anti-fungal treatment but also a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. 5-alpha reductase alters the testosterone hormone and can lead to baldness.
  • Black cohosh has been shown to make it easier to grow hair follicles.

Two other advanced treatments are low-level laser therapy and surgery. There is no evidence that low-laser therapy has helped with hair growth.

On the other hand, hair transplant surgery has been shown to be effective in restoring hair, since the hair used is genetically resistant to falling out. However, many of these methods can be expensive.

Lower cost hair treatments

Several other cheaper anti-hair loss treatments include caffeine, copper peptides and spin labels. The benefits of caffeine do not come so much from ingesting caffeine rather than applying the caffeine to the scalp.

Copper peptides are applied to the scalp where they neutralize superoxide, a chemical that inhibits Nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes hair growth for unknown reasons.

Natural ways to increase hair growth

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to increase hair growth. Exercise has been shown to increase androgen levels, which can lead to an increase in hair growth. Several remedies like yemeni natural remedy can be massaged into the scalp.

Other natural remedies include egg yolk, red henna, castor oil, mustard seeds, geranium, olive oil, rosemary, cumin, essential oils and onion juice. These remedies are often soaked in hot water and rubbed on the scalp.

Essential oils can be purchased at a variety of bath and body stores. Essential oils can also be created at home by adding thyme, rosemary, lavender and cedarwood can be added to an essential oil distiller. Of all these remedies, the remedies that have been the most clinically proven have been essential oils and onion juice.

Hair loss can be reversed

The majority of these methods have been found to help. There won’t be any overnight success, but slowly working these remedies into your routine will likely work.


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