Give A New Life To Your Damaged Hair With These Essential Tips!

damaged hairDoes your hair lack shine and vitality? If so, you might be a victim of damaged hair.

Usually damaged hair can appear much weak, frizzy and also lacks brightness and volume.

If you are feeling much concerned about your damaged hair, then here are certain tips for you to repair your damaged hair.

Every day your hair exposes to polluted weather, wind and many other chemicals, so it becomes very essential for you to take necessary hair care.

Here are some successful ways through which you can protect your hair from severe damage.

Essential tips to protect your hair from damage!

  • Never wash your hair every day, as this can deplete the natural oils present in your hair and makes your hair dry, dull and frizzy. So, in order to prevent your hair from damage, never attempt to wash your hair daily with shampoo.
  • Don’t brush your hair when it is damp or in wet condition. Combing your hair when it is wet can cause breakage of your hair. So, always try to allow your hair to become naturally dry before you tug it with a comb or hair brush.
  • Give a gentle massage to your scalp at least twice in a week. This gentle scalp massage can help your scalp to stimulate oil production required for healthy hair growth.

Simple home remedies to repair damaged hair!

These are few home remedies which can greatly help your damaged hair treatment. Try these simple tips and give a new life for your damaged hair.

  • Cover your hair with mayonnaise and keep it throughout the night and rinse your hair in morning.
  • Take one egg and separate the yolk from the white and whip out the white. Now, mix some water in the yolk and put it in the blender until it gets smooth. Wash your hair with hot water and apply this blended egg yolk to your hair and apply a gentle massage to it. Next, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water. This simple egg treatment can significantly help you in repairing your damaged hair.
  • Mix one teaspoon of olive oil with one teaspoon of sesame oil and coconut oil each. Now warm this mixture and smear it on the scalp and then wrap your hair with warm towel for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair with shampoo [Hot oil treatment].

Try these simple tips in order to repair your damaged hair. If at all your problem continues after following the above mentioned procedures, try to take necessary suggestions from any experienced hair care specialist and get healthy and shiny hair.


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