News About Hair that Is Making ‘Head’ Lines

Women of African descent are championing a return to natural hair (Hair Care Beauty); the sort that nature blessed them with, and men are now hoping to be able to make good use of their leg hair: to get regenerate head hair and combat baldness! We look at these interesting hair stories that have been making headlines.

Leg hair could be used for transplants on the head

Men who find that inexorable receding of the hairline could now have help not from the back of the head, which is what most hair transplants use, but from a rather novel location; the legs! In a report published in the Archives of Dermatology, hair was taken from the legs of men and the follicles were then transplanted onto the head to ‘re-grow’ the hair lost from there.

Hair transplants

This is the first time that hair transplants used leg hair successfully and could offer hope to millions of men worldwide who face the issue of a balding pate.

The report also said that since leg hair is typically softer and less coarse, it can offer an aesthetically more pleasing appearance.

This new technique is now able to offer men additional options when combating with hair loss.

A back to nature movement for African hair

African-American women have always been at pains to straighten their hair, to remove the frizz from it, color it and generally make it into something that nature never intended. Emon Fowler and her Harriet Experiment is a call to women of African descent to embrace their own natural hair.

She calls for the rather extreme measure of cutting off all the hair in what she calls the ‘Big Chop’ so that all of the old processed hair is gone and women can start with a fresh slate so to speak, giving up on chemical relaxers, wigs and weaves. This is to reject the obsession that so many AfricanAmerican women have with straight hair to abandon their daily hair rituals and to embrace their own natural hair.

Even celebrities such as British actor Thandie Newton wants to let her naturally curly hair free reign, because she wants to set a good example for her own daughters. She is going to give chemical relaxers the go by, so that her daughters will also learn to appreciate their own natural beauty and ancestry. She also appreciates that the amount of lye women use in their hair to relax the curl, could dissolve a coke can!


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