Hair Transplant Surgery: Permanent Solution For Hair Loss!

Hair Transplant SurgeryHair loss! This is the most common problem for many of you.

Especially men are the most probable sufferers of hair loss.

Hair can be the main concern for most of you and losing hair can ruin your self esteem.

Hair transplant surgery is the most popular method employed for the treatment of hair loss.

How is hair transplant surgery done?

Hair transplant surgery usually begins with donor hair. If you don’t have donor hair then it is impossible to transplant your hair. Donor hairs are present to the sides and at the back of head. These donor hairs are resistant to balding and help in the growth of hair throughout your life.

Which hair transplant method is suitable for you?

Generally two types of hair transplant surgeries will be offered to you. One is follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and the other is follicular unit extraction (FUE).

In follicular unit strip extraction, a narrow strip of hair is taken from donor region and these grafts are implanted on the balding area. The donor area is then closed with sutures and it takes several days for the scars to get absorbed or removed.

This method is best suited for medium and large balding areas. The main advantage with this follicular unit strip attraction method is that it allows many grafts to be transplanted in one single session.

The other method in hair transplant surgery is follicular unit extraction. This is the most popular technique which is offered by many of the surgeons.

In this method, each hair follicle is harvested separately from the back and sides of your head and then they are transplanted on the balding area.

This is the method which doesn’t involve any deep surgery or scalpel cuttings. The scars are also less when compared to FUSS method. The recovery time is also less in this surgery.

Depending on the problem, your surgeon can recommend any of these two methods. FUE method is suitable for you, if do not wish to have scars.

Scalp reduction is also one of the methods of hair transplant surgery. This method is very rarely recommended by the surgeons.

In this method, the balding area is surgically removed by pulling the rest of scalp skin together in order to reduce or eliminate the balding skin. This surgery is usually done in stages.

Scalp reduction method is very expensive and also increases the risk of skin tightening, leading to thinner skin on the scalp.

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent hair loss treatment. Apart from being an improving and evolving technique, it is involved with several risks and complications and it is associated with certain level of discomfort.

So, it is always important to consult a doctor before you make a decision for your hair to be transplanted.


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