Hairloss Concealer

Suffering from the biggest threat to youthful looks and charming personality? Are you too among those who seem to be losing a lot of hair off late and are heading towards an ugly balding patch on the scalp? Well, you are definitely not alone! There are many people around the world who experience excess hair thinning and loss at a rather early age.

But not everyone can afford to head to the hair clinics and spend a great share of their savings on expensive hair implants.  This is where the importance and role of hairloss concealer and hair thickening products comes to play. The latest trend is to use hair fibers which work on a very simple concept and help to make your hair appear fuller in just seconds! Yes, this is really not a bluff. To know more, read on:

hairloss concealerHair Building Fibers

Hair building fibers such as KeraFiber, a leading brand, is a solution to hair woes which is changing the hair treatment market and creating a large number of satisfied customers around the world. This hair fiber product works like an amazing hair concealer which instantly bonds with the existing real hair on the scalp to form a strong bond.  The result is a natural and fuller hair density which brings back not just your youthful look but also any lost self-esteem and confidence!

How do Hair Fibers Work?

Good hair fibers are made up of natural organic keratin protein which is the same ingredients that constitutes our real hair.  These fibers are charged with static electricity and when applied helps to get intertwined with existing hair to create a secure hold.  Thus there is an instant hair thickening effect on the scalp which looks totally natural. The bond between the fibers and hair is very strong that it can withstand sweat and rain (not a downpour!).  Thus you won’t have to worry about any embarrassment whether it is raining gently outside or when someone pats on your head.

How to Use

It is rather easy to hair fibers.

Step 1- Wash your hair and dry them properly.

Step 2 – Shake and sprinkle the hair fibers liberally over the areas where your hair is thinning.

Step 3 – After applying the fibers, pat the hair gently and if necessary, disperse the hair fibers over the hair thinning areas gently with your hand for even distribution and create the bonding between the existing hair and hair fibers.

A top tip is to use a hair spray to create a more secure bond between the fibers and existing hair.

You must know that the application of hair fibers is absolutely safe for your hair and your scalp.  The presence of natural keratin protein and the fact that this is a non-invasive treatment that conceals thinning areas is a convincing enough reason to go for it.


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