Easy 7 Ways To Stay “Lice Free”

Scared of any creepy crawlies in your hair? Head lice is one of the most irritating conditions from which you might suffer; as it feels itchy all of the time, leads to the heavy hair fall due to the constant scratching, furthermore worse conditions can even lead to infected sores. Head lice infection is certainly not a disease and can affect anyone at any age.

Head lice are parasites which reside on people’s heads. They are a common problem among school children and are usually spread by using shared articles. Time to prevent all these symptoms of head-lice so that you can enjoy an itch-free crown! This season take the following measures to avert the occurrence of the lice and the consequent eruptions from all the scratching!

lice free hair

Know the Symptoms and Treat as soon as Possible

First and foremost, understand that knowledge is power. Once you learn the various symptoms, you are likely to identify the infection at an early stage and hence, prevent it from increasing any further.

Do not Share Personal Items

Secondly, head lice are most commonly spread through sharing various products like combs, pillows, rubber bands, etc. with other friends who may or may not be invested with the infection. Therefore, avoiding such sharing is most positively advisable.

Avoid contact with ‘lice Prone’ People

Direct head-to -head contact with a person who is already infected or has recently been cured from the infection is a big NO-NO.

Clean Combs Regularly

Regular soaking of hair combs, brushes, barrettes and rubber bands in medicated/shampoo solution or warm water is highly recommended to kill any lice.

Clean Beddings and Upholstery Frequently

Also the bed sheets, pillow covers, regularly worn and slept-in items should also be carefully washed to avoid the occurrence of any infection. So much so, even the soft plush toys should be washed clean to prevent the birth of head lice. Vacuum cleaning the upholstery which may give birth to a colony of lice is also advisable in order to prevent any kind of infection.

Take help of Herbs

Using the right hair products with no chemical reactions are an absolute must. They help out a great deal in preventing hair lice. Use of tea tree oil, coconut or lavender oil (or shampoos with these ingredients in it) is known to deter the lice. However, you must not use lice-killing shampoos in the absence of any hair lice as they may have an adverse affect on your hair.

Be Alert

Last but not the least, regular detection combing on a weekly basis is a good way to learn about any signs of head infection and thus, taking the necessary action.

Prevention is always better than cure! So stay safe and you needn’t worry about it so much. These prevention tips are just enough for you to keep your head absolutely lice-free!

Photo Credit By: babyparenting.about.com


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