4 Most Effective Natural Treatments For Head Lice

It begins with the feeling that something is crawling on your head. And then starts the crazy itching. You may be in the middle of a meeting, in a restaurant, or at home watching TV. But when the itching starts, you can’t help but scratch your head feverishly. Sometimes it can be your kids.

Natural Treatments For Head Lice

You notice them scratching their heads all the time, so much so that there are infections in the scalp. These are symptoms of head lice infestation in your hair and scalp. Scientifically termed as Pediculus humanus capitis, these tiny insects, barely 1.6mm in length can cause havoc with your scalp and social manners!

Other than that these are quite harmless and are not disease carriers of any kind. However, constant scratching can lead to broken skin which may cause infections. Head lice usually spread easily from person to person and can affect an entire household if not treated immediately.

Here are some natural remedies for head lice control

1. Mayonnaise acts as an excellent anti lice agent. Apply a whole bottle of mayo on your hair covering it completely and put on a shower cap before going to sleep at night. The lice will all be dead in the morning. However, the lice eggs or nits are not killed by mayo and you may want to look at other solutions to get rid of them.

2. A concoction of tea tree oil, lavender oil, vegetable oil, rosemary oil and lemons can work wonders to help you get rid of these bothersome insects. Apply this mixture to your hair thoroughly and massage for some time. Then wrap your head tightly with a towel and keep it that way for a couple of hours. Then use an herbal anti lice shampoo and comb your wet hair. You will see the dead head lice come out.

3. Olive oil can be less messy yet quite effective in treating head lice. You have to ensure that after each application of olive oil, the hair has to be shampooed well and then combed thoroughly. This has to become a routine for at least 10 days to get rid of the head lice problem completely.

4. Following up to ensure that there are no head lice after the treatments are done is important to prevent recurrence and spread of head lice. Regularly comb the affected person’s hair with clean combs that have been soaked in vinegar. This will ensure that any trace of lice will be taken off by the vinegar solution.

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