Neglecting The Scalp Care Can Lead To Scalp Problems!

Scalp is the major part that everyone often neglects to care. Neglecting the care for the scalp is not an issue if the scalp is healthy.

If not, it can lead to several scalp problems. Scalp problems are very upsetting and it strikes everyone at some time in their life. Although these problems are not serious, they can produce discomfort and embarrassment.

Here are some of the scalp problems that strike the people more commonly:

Dandruff: Also known as pityriasis. It is a pretty disgracing scalp problem that is characterized by large white flakes as a result of the shedding of dead skin cells in larger noticeable way. These white flakes are seen either on the scalp, the neck or shoulders.Scalp Care

Dandruff is a contagious infection. So, avoid sharing the hair care utensils of individuals having dandruff. Use only when the utensils are properly sanitized. Also, a proper shampoo rinsing is must. An improper rinsing can make the dandruff problem even worse.

The dandruff problem, in its early stages, can be controlled using anti-dandruff shampoos, conditioners and certain antiseptic scalp lotions. However, if the problem becomes worse with extreme redness, irritation through scratching, an immediate consultation of physician is must. When left untreated, the condition can lead to excessive hair loss.

Dry Scalp: It is a common scalp problem that mostly strikes people during winter or cold climates. In this condition, the scalp becomes firm, irritated and the flakes of dead skin will be seen while combing and brushing the hair. Often, the dry scalp is misconstrued as dandruff problem.

However, there is a lot of difference among the two conditions. Dry scalp is the resultant of flaking scalp, similar to the dandruff. But, the dandruff flakes are larger, greasy with scalp itchiness and odor.

As treating the condition with this misconception can make it worse, better use products that are specially formulated for dry scalp and mild dandruff. Alternatively, follow deep conditioning treatments, scalp massage, scalp steamer, scalp moisturizers and lotions, or direct high-frequency current treatment.

Scalp Acne: Also known as scalp folliculitis. It is a type of acne that develops on the scalp, as it is skin. Scalp acne is very distressing and usually develops as small white-yellowish pustules due to huge stress.

The acne, in the early stages, usually occurs on the upper forehead as tiny and hard pimples. When left oily for longer period or using high-level oil-based products, it can spread the condition throughout the scalp.

Scalp acne can be handled and treated easily in the beginning when it is mild. However, for severe conditions, it is highly recommended to meet a dermatologist.

Applying a salicylic acid-based skin cleanser on the acne can control the condition. As the cleansers can make the hair dry, apply on the acne area carefully and rinse it thoroughly. Always avoid using products with benzoil peroxide or other peroxide ingredients to protect the hair from changing the color.

The safe way to control scalp acne is to keep the hair clean and oil-free. Also follow a well balanced diet and drink lots of water.


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