Reduce The White Flakes On The Scalp By Finding The Dandruff Cause!

Dandruff is a mild skin ailment where too much shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp produces white flakes on the scalp, which usually falls from the hair.

Having dandruff can be very embarrassing and it may lead to lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

The main dandruff cause is Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale), also known as Malassezia furfur, a naturally occurring tiny fungus on the scalp and on the skin of other body parts.

The fungus mostly occurs on the skin areas where sebaceous glands are more: the scalp, face and upper parts of the body.Dandruff Cause

Sebaceous glands are the glands that produce natural oil called sebum from the skin. When these glands produce oil, the fungus on the skin area feeds off the sebum. This fungus when grows in size and number, it disturbs the growth of new cells and causes dandruff with itching.

Dandruff is a common skin condition that anybody can develop it at some point in his or her lives. It is found that, in the United States, yearly, about ninety-seven percent of people will come across this condition.

The exact dandruff cause is unknown. However, there are several conditions that may cause dandruff. The dandruff can occur due to internal as well as external causes.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the internal dandruff causes. The fluctuation in the hormonal levels can cause the sebaceous glands more active, which in turn result in mild dandruff.

Poor hygiene is also a dandruff cause. It also increases the amount of flakes on the affected area. However, improper hair care such as not brushing hair regularly may also lead to dandruff because it doesn’t allow the dead skin cells to shed normally.

Another dandruff cause is an unhealthy diet that is following a diet with nutritional deficiencies such as lack of essential fatty acids and vitamin B.

Also, the condition becomes more worse if your diet includes excess sugar, fat and carbohydrate foods. Even food allergies also include in the dandruff causes.

Health conditions such as psoriasis, Tinea capitis, Tinea versicolor, Dermatitis (Atopic, Contact and Seborrheic) and eczema also causes dandruff [Eczema Treatment].

The other internal dandruff causes are stress, heredity predisposition, and allergic hypersensitive.

On the other hand, as said earlier, dandruff can also occur with external causes. Extreme use of hair sprays and gels can make your hair and skin dry, which is also a cause of dandruff. Even, the usage of a harsh shampoo can cause dandruff easily.

Improper use of hair-coloring products, frequent use of curling or straightening irons, and hot hair curlers also causes dandruff. The other external causes of dandruff are humidity, cold weather, excess indoor heat, rare shampooing, and improper rinsing of scalp as well as scalp.

Sharing the combs and pillows is also a dandruff cause. However, according to the experts, it is just a myth. Remember that dandruff is not contagious skin disease, a disease that can spread from person to person.

Control your dandruff by determining the right dandruff cause and giving right treatment!


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