Learn How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women?

There are so many representatives of the fair sex who are asking how to prevent hair loss in women.

This is a serious problem. In some cases it is a hereditary issue. In the majority of the cases women are affected by if after menopause because of the hormonal changes.

Omega 3 and multivitamins

How-to-Prevent-Hair-Loss-in-WomenWe all know that it is important for women to have enough vitamins, but only a few people know that a deficit of vitamin B, iron and zinc can lead to hair loss. You should take regular multivitamins to correct this deficit. Omega 3 is also important for hair and it is considered to be the building block of hair.


Another way to avoid hair loss in women is to have enough protein. In case you don’t have enough protein, your body won’t send any more of it to the hair. Don’t forget that hair is made of dead protein, so it is just natural that if there isn’t enough protein, the hair will be thinning.

If you are asking how to prevent hair loss in women, you shouldn’t think that meat isn’t the only protein source. In fact, soy contains a lot of proteins as well. A lot of studies have shown that soy has a direct link to hair growth and it can actually strengthen the hair.

Brushing wet hair

In order to avoid women’s hair loss you should try to avoid brushing your wet hair. This is something that women usually do without realizing how much damage they do. After you wash your hair you should dry it even before you run your fingers through. This way less hair will be pulled out.

Instead of combing, you should apply a leave in condition or a detangler. Another idea that you could use is to get a wide toothed comb that will pull out less hair. Keep track of your hair loss rate based on the hair caught up in the comb.


When it comes to preventing women’s hair loss you might know that alcohol dries out the hair and there are some people who claim that it also contributes to hair loss. It also makes the hair be torn from the roots.

Now you know the answer to the question how to prevent hair loss in women.


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