Top 6 Ways to Deal with Teen Hair Loss

Is your teenage daughter or son experiencing a lot of hair loss these days? Are you trying out several ways to prevent it but just cannot seem to end it? Well teen hair loss is a common problem and is faced by several teenagers around the world. There could be many reasons behind this such as poor diet, lack of proper hair care, stress, hormonal fluctuations etc. If you wish to help your teen deal with teen hair loss, then the following are the top 6 ways to do so:

ways to deal with teen hair loss1. Proper Oiling and Hair Care

One of the best ways to deal with teen hair loss is to provide hair with a lot of day to day care.The hair care routine of your teen must include proper oiling with good natural oil such as jasmine oil, olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil etc. besides oiling, the teen must shampoo hair using a shampoo or conditioner which does not contain too many chemicals aschemicals can lead to falling of hair. Dry hair must not be washed too often but oily hair may need regular washing.

2. Nutritious Diet

Diet plays a major role in the strengthening of hair and their overall quality. Make sure your teen gets a well-balanced diet full of nutrients and vitamins. Opt for a protein rich diet that includes foods such as eggs, milk, yoghurt, green vegetables and lentils etc. good eating habits can easily reverse the effects of hair loss and may lead to promotion of hair growth.

3. Avoid using too much Heat on Hair

Another way to deal with teen hair loss is to avoid the use of too much hair styling like hair blow drying, hair straightening, hair curling etc. teach the importance of naturally beautiful hair to your teenager daughter who may be influenced by modern day hair styling methods. Too much heat can damage the hair and make the hair strands brittle and hence moreprone to breakage.

4. Avoid Regular Hair Coloring

If your teenage son or daughter is in the habit of regular hair coloring or streaking, then you must explain to them the damage this can do to their hair. Such hair coloring products are often full of harmful chemicals that can again make the hair brittle and the roots weak. This may lead to hair fall and hence should be avoided as much as possible.

5. Proper Combing

Improper combing can also lead to damaged hair and a lot of hair fall. It is important to teach teens to comb their hair properly and avoid combing them when they are wet since wet hair ismost brittle and prone to breakage. Also, too much combing can also be harmful for hair. A comb with thick bristles spaced apart must be used rather than a brush which tends to break more hair.

6. Go to a doc

If your teenager is experiencing unusual amounts of hair fall, then it is better to go to a doc to avail prescribed medicine.


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