Top Hair Loss Treatments

Although only few people talk about it, there are a lot of women affected by hair loss. This is why they are looking for the top hair loss treatments. While there are many different kinds of available treatments, you might have to try several of them until you find one that works for you.


It is interesting to know that at the beginning minoxidil was used in the form of a tablet to treat high blood pressure. As a side effect, the patients noticed excessive hair growth. The specialists later found that if it is applied on the scalp in a topical form it promotes hair growth.

In case this one of the best hair loss treatments is applied topically on the scalp, the active agents are absorbed through the skin and this way the treatment doesn’t cause any internal responses. This kind of treatment works best in case of women with diffuse androgenic alopecia.


When thinking about the top hair loss treatments you should know that in fact this is a drug that contains potassium-sparing diuretics. Usually this drug is used to reduce the water levels of the body without losing potassium. It is also used in case of potassium deficiency.

Tricomin therapy spray
Tricomin therapy spray

This is one of the most popular hair loss treatments of them all. It can improve the overall look of the hair and it can stimulate the growth of new hair. The good news is that in this case, you don’t have to worry about side effects and it is highly recommended to all women struggling with hair loss.

Revivogen scalp therapy

It is one of the most potent androgen products of them all. It is usually topically applied and it can inhibit DHT. It can be used together with other hair loss products to have enhanced effects.

Nizoral shampoo

In case you are looking for the hair loss treatments that are most popular, you shouldn’t forget about this one. It can reduce irritation, itching and inflammation. It is said that this one is the only shampoo that can truly stop hair loss. You should use it once in every three days.

There are some other products as well that you may consider regarding the top hair loss treatmentsbut make sure you seek a specialist’s advice before starting any treatment.


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