Treatment For Lice For Young And Old Alike

Do you have itchy scalp but have no signs of having dandruff? Do you feel like there is something crawling in your crown? If yes, chances are you have lice. These parasites are very disturbing and they can be embarrassing too. If you have them, you better find an effective treatment for lice to get rid of them.

Lice are very common especially among women with long hair. These parasites survive in the human body by feeding on small amounts of blood that they draw from one’s scalp.


Although they are not dangerous and do not spread disease, lice are still quite a nuisance, but thankfully there are options available for treatment for lice.

Lice commonly affect children ages 3-9, hence treatment for lice should also be child-friendly.

Doctors can recommend a variety of over-the-counter treatment options for children such as medicated shampoo, cream rinses, or lotions that are effective in killing lice and their eggs. Lice also commonly afflict adults, but there are also many treatments available.

Although treatment for lice kills them instantly, it may still take a few days until the itching has completely disappeared.

Other popular methods used for treatment for lice in the head are the following:

  • Insecticides

Over the counter insecticides, such as malathion and phenothrin, come in lotion form, shampoo, or liquids that are usually washed over the infested area.

Insecticide treatment for lice needs at least two applications spread over 7 days in order to effectively kill the adult lice and those that come out of the eggs. Any course of insecticide medication should only have a maximum of 3 treatments.

However, if you are pregnant you will need to check with your doctor or pharmacist which insecticide option is best for you. Insecticides come in either alcohol or water based forms, and alcohol forms may have some allergic side effects so it’s also best to ask first.

  • Shampoo

Common treatment for lice are head lice shampoo, which, in order to be effective, needs to be diligently followed by sessions of removing nits with a special lice comb. If the infestation is light, the nits can be removed individually through the use of the comb.

It is important that when using any shampoo as treatment for lice, the directions should be followed fully in order for this to work. Each brand or product may have its own concentration and individual advice that should be taken.

  • Non-chemical treatments

Non-chemical treatment for lice is also available, and is just as effective when it comes to eliminating lice. Dimethicone or Hedrin is a coating solution that covers the lice, and has no smell or color although comes in a slightly oily texture.

This should be poured on the hair when wet and by leaving it, only to be rinsed out 8 hours later. It is also an effective treatment for lice because it is safe and gentle, and works without irritating the scalp.

  • Fine comb and hygiene

In some cases, running a very fine toothed comb can remove lice. After bathing, try combing your hair with this kind of comb. Lice stick to your scalp and hair when your head is still wet.

Another effective treatment for lice is avoiding contact with the infected member of the family or your friends. Don’t use the same pillows, wear their clothes, or even borrow their combs.


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