5 Mistakes You Make When Plucking Eyebrows

It is natural to want perfectly looking eyebrows because they are responsible for a major part of your look and when neglected, they can make you look sloppy. The eyebrows plucked correctly make you look young, fresh and posh and this is why a single plucking movement can turn the beautiful look into a disaster.

Generally, women tend to overdo or to ignore this beauty task. This happens because most of the women do not know the rules to follow in eyebrow plucking and most of the time they simply experiment with the form.

 Plucking eyebrows

Here are the 5 most common mistakes you should avoid during eyebrow plucking.

Excessive plucking

The most common mistake is plucking more hairs than necessary. We tend to thin the shape of the eyebrows too much and this will take the accent off our eyes and will make our face look gloomy.

The current trends call for thicker, natural looking eyebrows so it’s better to consider them and keep a natural line when choosing the shape of the eyebrows.

Excessive use of eyebrow liner

If you have light colored eyebrows you may be tempted to compensate by coloring them with an eyebrow liner. It is a very bad idea to use liners with two-three tones darker than the nuance of your eyebrows.

The contrast will be very visible and the areas not covered with hair will stand out making your face looklike a mask.

The right way to go in this case is to use a special makeup destined to fill the empty space. If the eyebrows are not thick and you want to make them look fuller but not unnatural use a liner with only anuance darker than the color of your eyebrows.

Trimming the length of the hairs

If you want your eyebrows to have a natural, pleasant line, you may be tempted to trim the hairs.

However smart the option may seem, keep in mind that doing so, you risk ruining the line of theeyebrows because once trimmed the hair will no longer obey the shape.

Plucking too much from the length

The short eyebrows are less elegant than the long eyebrows. Maybe you are tempted to pluck the extra length but before you do it, make sure you respect the length of the eyebrow bone which is the delimitation of how long should an eyebrow be.

Too much plucking

Your eyebrows will look amazing if plucked once a week. Working on them more often than this will destroy the natural line and you will risk deforming them beyond repair.


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