8 Lies Of The Modern Beauty Theory

Soap is not good for your skin: The often repeated refrain of soap not being good for the skin is only a myth or more appropriately a modern lie.

The modern soaps are gentle containing moisturizers and natural ingredients good for the skin.

You need only to be careful about the soap you choose because it should be appropriate for your skin type. Soap helps to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Shaving your legs will produce more hair: Technically this is a far fetched fact. The amount of hair a person has is dependent on the number of hair follicles present on the skin surface.scrub

These don’t increase or decrease with shaving. So you cannot have more hair after shaving your legs. The hair might feel a little coarse or thick but that is because the tip of the hair is no longer fine.

Drinking a lot of water will get you hydrated skin: This might disappoint some, but the fact is that it does not do so. A study conducted by the Discovery Channel confirmed this.

Drinking or not drinking water does nothing for your skin. You do need the water to keep your body hydrated but that is about all. If your skin is dry you need to moisturize it to keep it soft and supple.

Damaged Hair tips can be repaired: This is another modern lie to help sell all those expensive products claiming to repair damaged hair. These products can only camouflage the damage and not repair it. The only way to get rid of damaged hair is to trim it and let new healthy hair take its place. No amount of serums or other hair creams can repair it.

Dry skin makes wrinkles: This is another product selling modern lie. No amount of moisturizer or lotion or any other expensive cream can keep wrinkles away. It is just that a well moisturized skin looks less lined and wrinkled.

For someone with an oily skin the body does the task and those with dry skin need a lotion or moisturizer to make it look better. Dryness does not lead to wrinkles, genetic predisposition does.

Scrubbing your face gets rid of acne: Plenty of teenagers buy scrubs to keep the acne away, but does it really work? The bad news is that scrubs can’t rid acne. In fact using them may cause more damage than expected. The constant exfoliation can lead to tenderness and can also lead to infection in the pores.

The sun fixes skin problems: Exposure to sun may lead to sunburns and even damage due to the UV rays. Sun bathing without any skin protection could turn out to be a disastrous adventure.

Natural ingredients are non-allergic: If this were true there would be no case of food allergies. Natural ingredients may or may not suit a given person. When you choose something with natural ingredients find out if it is hypoallergenic for you.


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