8 Tips For Keeping Hands Safe At Work

Some of us have jobs that involve contactwith water, which can seriously compromise skin health of the hands, even making it more susceptible to eczema.

Women who work in beauty salons, nurses, bakers, tile layers and florists etc could all use the following hand skin care tips while at work to keep problems away –

hand care

  1. Alternate doing other jobs for a while, which do not require contact with wet environments.
  2. Wear gloves that are appropriately protective, but wear them for a maximum of two hours. After this time the gloves should be replaced – this is because wearing gloves causes sweating and this itself can cause irritation.
  3. Wear a snug cotton glove inside or wearing cotton lined gloves can be a solution.
  4. Also maintain good skin care. Using a sweat inhibiting skin cream before donning the gloves can work to lessen sweating.
  5. Applying a product that has glycerin to the hands after working or during work breaks or after washing hands is also recommended.
  6. Luke warm water is best for washing hands.
  7. Use alkali based cleansers instead of soap and scrubs.
  8. Make sure that the region between the fingers is clean and dry as well.


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