A Solution for Cracked Heels, Corns – Foot Care!

Hi Friends! Among all your body parts, the most strained are the legs. Unfortunately these are the much neglected ones too.

You should pretty well know that if you neglect your foot care, not giving a proper attention and care to your feet then you will be giving way to several skin and feet problems like corns and bunions, cracks, infections and ingrown nails.

Let’s see how you can avoid such skin problems with so little effort from your side by proper foot care. All you need to do is follow few steps and some precautionary measures.foot care

Just massage your feet gently every night with oil, this not only relaxes your feet but also smoothens them. In winter warm oil can be used with sesame or mustard oil. In summer coconut oil provides a cooling effect.

If you already have some feet problems like corns then here are a good set of remedies for you. This is for your information that corns appears if the shoes you are wearing are too tight or pinch or do not fit properly, this can be as result of the pressure put on the bony areas of the foot and also interfere with the circulation of blood ultimately leads to development of corns.

Foot Care includes remedies for controlling corns and curing them by application of a sap from a marigold stem, milky juice from green figs or papaya juice over the affected area frequently. A slice of lemon can be placed on the corn and bandaged in place overnight.

Ouch Those Painful Cracks! Many of us are suffering from cracks on heels. Hope you know the reason why we get cracks on heels and in between the toes, this is because walking barefoot on rough surfaces or excessive exposure of bare feet to the sun, wind or water. Consider this as a result of bad foot care.

We have very useful and handy remedies of foot care for this problem too. Take about three tablespoons of bees wax and mix with one teaspoonful sesame oil in it. Warm it a little and apply on the affected areas. You will really feel relaxed and have a soothing effect on feet. Sesame oil is really good for this type of problem. Warm sesame is much affected.

Another such alternative remedy for this problem in foot care is to apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon of mango tree sap and 1 tablespoon water to the cracked skin. All these remedies can be followed during night before going to bed to feel comfortable after application; also it is not possible to give it a proper care during day time as we cannot sit on applying without moving around leaving our works behind.

Now let’s see how these feet problems can be prevented by a well planned and properly implemented foot care. If you already had these problems and have brought the situation under control then it is more important to take care of your feet to avoid recurrence. Go for an annual check up by your physician, before check up remove your socks and shoes.

If you observe any abnormality like cracks, corns or inborn nails in your feet call your doctor. Any kind of swelling redness may be reported immediately. So Take A Proper Foot Care!


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