Amazing Photoshop Makeovers

Ever looked in envy at the long lustrous locks of the model on TV? Or the flawless, peaches and cream complexion of another in the glossy magazine?

Well consider for a moment that not only they have the best makeup and hair technicians at their disposal, they also have technology! Hair and skin care advanced technology we hear you say?

No, it is Photoshop we are talking about! It can make hair infinitely more beautiful, skin so much smoother…. We collected a bunch of videos to help illustrate our point:Photoshop Makeover

This Dove ‘Evolution Commercial’ shows us a transformation that is nothing short of amazing. First the makeup artists work their magic and then the technology wizards make her neck longer, her lips fuller, her nose prettier, and so on.

Now celebrities always seem to look picture perfect. Here are some examples of why that is so: Hilary Duff gets a makeup job and virtual implants in seconds!

Hollywood’s truant child Lindsay Lohan gets a make over of the technical kind here:

So the next time you feel envious of some of the images that you see on TV or in the magazines, just think about all the people that worked on that image; that person to make them look the way that they do; that face in the mirror will become more attractive!


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